Tumi Morake

TumThe lovely Tuminatori Morake is one of those little blessing we have in our country. Not only is she incredibly funny but she is also talented, professional and to top it all off, she is actually really super duper nice. My cellphone once fell in the toilet  at a gig I was doing in Durban (yes I admit it, I was sending an sms on the loo- oh come on, we’ve all done it) and Tumi came to my rescue. She immediately fetched her hairdryer to save my phone from near death. Unfortunately my phone didn’t make it, but it did look a lot more fashionable after Tumi styled it.

Apart from her heroic feats, Mrs Morake is one of our countries top comedians and I got the opportunity to interview her, yip that’s how I roll.

So Tumi, you’re a funny person…funny ‘haha’, not funny ‘weird’ obviously. How did you get into comedy in the first place? I was studying drama at Wits University and comedy tickled me, so I ran with it.

You recently got married and had a baby, what other super powers do you have? I speak 5 of the official languages and understand 6. And I can change a nappy while speaking on the phone!

If you could invite any three people, dead or alive, to dinner, who would they be and why? Jesus to quiz him on his favorite red wine, Oprah to see how much she really eats and Michelle Obama to get some tips.

If I came to your house and opened your fridge, what would I find? Organic baby food, beer, eggs, cheese, left-overs, bread (yes i keep my bread in the fridge),smoked viennas, water, apples.

Best gig you ever did? And why? Cape Town November 2009. Standing ovation that made me feel I’d redeemed myself since getting flack from critics after my performance in July. I was so scared of performing in Cape town before then.

Worst gig? And why? Morula Sun Hotel & Casino sometime in 2007. terrible venue, worse crowd. I was unprepared and it just made things worse.

Describe a typical day in the life of Tumi Morake. Wake up, dislodge baby from my boob, breakfast, call mommy, go online, not sure what happens in-between, evening hangout with hubby, supper, attach baby to boob.

I pride myself in doing hard hitting interviews that really unveil the truth about a person. So, wordassociation:

3 Talk with Noeleen: silly ( I drew a blank for a while)

Skinny jeans: big thighs

Paris Hilton: Kim Kardashian

World cup: Bafana Bafana HAHAHAHA

And finally Tumi; something all your fans are dying to know; do you install toilet paper so that you pull from the top or the bottom of the roll? From the top hun, easier to break off without pulling too much loo paper!

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  1. Tumi says:

    Thanks for the songs of praise leading up to the interview. I’m feeling thoroughly special now đŸ™‚ And I really am not that amazing, just blessed.
    Thanks again Anne. LOVE ur website by the way

  2. Megan says:

    Where have you been hiding?(or have i been under a mountain?) neva heard of u, though im frm cpt nd u sound rather funny! Wens the next show?

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