#GeePeeShotLeft Part One

by AnneHirsch for Musings

I absolutely love living in Cape Town but Joburg people love living in Joburg #Life  So when Gauteng Tourism offered me the opportunity to go on a 3 day holiday to explore, taste, smell, ride, glide and swing my way through the region I was very excited.  Here’s Part 1 of my holiday. Take a #GeePeeShotLeft with me bestie and enjoy!











Also, you can win some #GeePeeShotLeft experiences of your own here! http://www.gauteng.net/shotleft


Up The Creek 2015 Infomercial

by AnneHirsch for Musings

The best festival in the world is coming up, so I went to investigate #Journalist









For more on Up The Creek, go to their website


Gugulethu School Garden

by AnneHirsch for Musings

There are so so many amazing projects out there helping communities and so many people doing good, that it can often get a bit overwhelming and let’s face it, exhausting ‘I just wanna watch The Anne Hirsch Show videos on my couch’ being an often great excuse. We all support different initiatives for different reasons, this is one very close to my heart and I hope it might touch a chord with some of you or maybe you just know of someone who could help in ANY  WAY.

Under the guidence of World Design Capital 2014, EduPeg – an education NGO based in Cape Town but doing good all over, focussing on training teachers in schools to be better equipped to in turn teach the kiddie-winks, has teamed up with Urban Harvest. Their goal – to create an awesome sustainable garden at Litha Primary School in Gugulethu. They will train staff on how to keep the garden going, which will feed the kids during lunch – providing nutrition guys and also giving these kids a great garden to play and learn in!! But, they need our help, cause that’s how charities work ya’ll!

Also, I’ve had the honour of going to this school, listening to the teachers and checking out where the garden will go etc – it’s such an awesome thing and it would be great to see this become a reality for the school and community. Come on help, you can do it!












What to do:

1. Watch the video below this mini-to-do-list. Then you’ll know stuff and also, Zootee Studios made it and they make The Anne Hirsch Show.
2. Go, click to this LINK – it gives you all the info from the World Design Capital page, this project has been hand-picked by them.
3. When you’re at above link, there’s a spot you can click on that says ‘How Can I Help’ CLIIIICK ONNNN ITT!
4. Alternatively, like EduPeg on Facebook HERE And send them a message with your questions etc.



MK Awards Had Yokes For Days

by AnneHirsch for Musings

I had the absolute honour of presenting the MK Awards on Saturday with the dashing and daring (courageous and caring…) Jean Jordaan and Bouwer Bosch. Despite my efforts at channeling Lady Gaga, the yoke was on me…but I still had an eggcelent time and they pretty much gave me free range to do what I wanted… So many egg puns out there!

Here are some pics of my outfits… I never get attention for what I wear so grant me this moment.

Pictures by random Samaritans and the great Sean Brand.


















Dali Tambo on The Anne Hirsch Radio Show

by AnneHirsch for Musings

Episode 10

This week, South Africa’s number one pillow-giver, Dali Tambo goes through his celebrity contact list from A to Z as he remembers and reveals personal details about Sting, Tina Turner, Luther Vandross and more! We travel back to the infamous Robert Mugabe interview and Dali lets us in on Bob’s son’s internet viewing practices #Porn. We also take a tour of the house as he remembers lunch at Denzel Washington’s mansion with Oprah and Nelson Mandela!

Chilling with SA's other stalker.

Chilling with SA’s other stalker.







Those who stalk together stay together.

Those who stalk together stay together.

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