The Anne Hirsch Show with Paul Snodgrass

Paul Snodgrass On The Anne Hirsch Show S01 E09

Episode 9 of The Anne Hirsch Show…wow, I remember when I posted the wildly popular and incredibly hilarious Episode 1 and just look how far we’ve come. I remember when I turned 9, it was a tough day, I slept through my entire birthday party because I was sick from all the sweets I ate at school. When I woke up my ice-cream Barbie cake was completely eaten and all my friends had left…or maybe they never came…anyway it was a hard day…this episode reminds me of that day…you’ll see why.

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Actor, Radio-Dj and comedian Paul Snodgrass is a ball of pent up energy, that when released on stage is a non-stop barrage of snot spilling, sidesplitting laughs that does not cease till he leaves the stage. If you live in Cape Town you’ve probably met him, if you live in Jo’burg…well, please be safe, it’s dangerous there and if you’ve had the honour of working with him, you’ll know he’s one of the best. Check out more about him here and follow him on Twitter @snoddie.


No Celebrities were hurt during the filming of The Anne Hirsch Show

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