The Anne Hirsch Show with Pascal Righini

Pascal Righini (The Plastics) On The Anne Hirsch Show S01 E08

Well, aren’t you looking fetching today! Loving the new vibe and your skin is pratically glowing, it must be from watching The Anne Hirsch Show, so do keep up the good work. Just to clear up a few things that could be causing you unnecessary anguish: There seems to be some confusion regarding sponsorship of The Anne Hirsch Show, so here’s the deal: We don’t have a sponsor. We would love a sponsor. Please sponsor us. Right, now that we’ve got that out of the way, here is Episode 8- which rhymes with crate, rate, nate, bait, Mary-Kate, laminate and ‘hey, The Anne Hirsch Show is great!’.











South African Indie band, The Plastics pay homage to retro-rock and classic pop imagery. The Plastics are a live performance orientated band that have an infectious attitude. Their songs engage you through a blend of interesting dynamics, cheeky lyrics and exuberant energy. Basically they’re gonna be big, real big! I sat down with lead vocalist Pascal Righini to wish him a happy birthday for the 21st of May and talk about their non-recyclable name. Pascal, if you’re reading this, I’m still waiting for my signed copy of your new album, Pyramids. Follow them on Twitter @ThePlastics and check out their website here.

No Celebrities were hurt during the filming of The Anne Hirsch Show

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