The Anne Hirsch Show with Emo Adams

Emo Adams on The Anne Hirsch Show S01 E11

We had so much fun in studio this week we were beside ourselves…literally, we were like standing there next to ourselves, looking at ourselves, being all like ‘Hey sexy, this is awesome!’. There are two things you need to know before watching this episode, Dirty Dancing is the best movie ever made and never play leapfrog with a unicorn. Also, if you would like to become an official sponsor of The Anne Hirsch Show, please don’t hold back. Step forward. Show yourselves!

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 Emo Adams is one of SA’s top performers. Perhaps best known for his acting work with David Kramer and the late Taliep Pieterson, Emo has taken SA by storm with his sharp wit and even sharper talent.  Producer, musician, actor, comedian, dancer of note and singer of other notes, Emo is one big glass of sexy and off course tall, dark and Afrikaans! Follow him on Twitter @emoadams and check out his website here.


No Celebrities were hurt during the filming of The Anne Hirsch Show

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