TAHS with Female Comedian Tumi Morake

Tumi Morake on The Anne Hirsch Show S02 E14

We are already on episode14 of TAHS and it’s been an incredible Season 2, some might say the best season ever, definitely better than Winter…that season sucks (see what I did there). If you own a company, take this moment to imagine it sponsoring TAHS…
Wow, that was fun…now call us and we’ll make it more than just one moment *sexy smile to camera*











Tumi has an emotional meltdown on the red couch with me as she laments how incredibly hard it is to be a female comedian in a male-dominated industry. Expect a lot of ugly crying! But we discover the answer to being funny women (because women just aren’t as funny as men) in a new product: SENSE OF HUMOUR- For Women…Smells Funny


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