Mostalgic May Message

It’s actually ‘Nostalgic’ but the N makes it less catchy, also it’s not May anymore but please stop being so critical.

Here are some hits from my youth. I grew up with these shows, which might have a bit to do with why am not the most balanced person. But here they are, our favourite intros from our favourite shows (let’s be honest, they were only our favourite cause it was literally all that was on).

At number 1 we have Loving
I seriously did not know you could do so much with a silk sheet and it’s sounds a lot like the Ellerines ad, or is that just the affect of too much daytime tv on me?

Number 2 is the doings of the Ewings. Dallas.
I remember in Bloemfontein all the restaurants would close on a Monday nights because everyone was watching Dallas – true story.

In third place we have Dynasty
Clearly the same music director as Dallas. A strange word that some pronounce ‘Dinnesty’ and others ‘Dine-esty’….also totally forgot Sascha Mitchel from Full House was in it.

Last but not least we have MacGuyver
No one person could do so much with just a stick of gum – not really a soapie but couldn’t resist.

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  1. Debi Blake says:

    And then there was Knight Rider…my famous you-know-what!

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