A comprehensive guide to my Cape Town

Julie Andrews Favourite things

Soon I’ll have a friend from Germany coming to stay with me for a month and I started thinking: “What will I show her? What’s cool in Cape Town? Where is Germany? Should I make pasta tonight?” All these things started running through my mind untill I finally realised that I should compile a guide to my Cape Town -What I like to do and where I like to go. So, in true Julie Andrews style: These are a few of my favourite things:

Chef Pons

For the best Jungle Curry in Cape Town, go to Chef Pons in Gardens (12 Mill Street, opp the 24h Woolies Engen) it’s unbelievable. I have this at least once a week. Beware it is hot, in fact if you’re not used to hot it’s pretty damn fierce! For take-aways phone 021 465 5846 and simply ask for 1x Beef Jungle Curry with Egg fried rice. It’s like heaven in a polystyrene box!

DVD Nouveau

For anyone who still lives in the 17th Century and doesn’t have DSTV, DVD’s are like the Holy Grail. But there is nothing worse than a bad DVD store. So, I have painstakingly been to pretty much all of them and pretty much been blacklisted at most of them (returning DVD’s on time is not my vibe). DVD Nouveau (had to google the spelling) is superbly rad though! They have everything. And if they don’t have it, they’ll get it for you. They also have a pretty cool website….to check it out.

Zula barMonday nights in Cape Town remind me of when I grew up in Bloemfontein and Dallas was on TV and every restaurant and bar was closed cause it just wasn’t worth opening up. (Who did shoot JR?) But Zula Bar on Long Street has changed all this. Starving Comics are a bunch of up and coming comedians who organise pretty much all the comedy gigs in Cape Town. The most famous being Monday evenings at Zula Bar or C.O.M.E (Comedy on Monday Evenings). These guys really know their stuff and they get the best comedians to guarentee a great night of entertainment (including me of course. *Insert shameless marketing of self here*). It cost about R40 and starts at round 20:30 every Monday.

Net ball

Action netball! This is by far the weirdest thing I busy myself with in Cape Town. I have never really been into sports but one of my friends started playing action netball (that’s an indoor netball game with a net around the court, so it’s much faster) and asked me to come and support. I suddenly realised there was a whole underground community of indoor sports. Stadium on Main in Claremont (opp Cavendish Square where Tiger Tiger *cringe* is). They have action cricket, netball, soccer and hockey. They even have a pretty shweet bar with reasonable drinks specials. It’s R8 for parking, if you get your ticket stamped at the venue, and that’s it. You can merrily watch all the indoor games you want to ever Thursday  evening from round 6 o’clock. It starts getting really fun when you learn about the teams and start follow them in the league.  Don’t knock it till you’ve tried it!

Theatre facesTheatre, in Cape Town, is huge! No really, it’s like freakin big. There is so much happening all the time and we have some of the best actors, ever, right here in the Mothercity. One of my favourite theatre venues is the Intimate Theatre on Hiddingh Campus (opp the Labia and Nona Lina, 37 Orange Street). It showcases some of Cape Town’s best up and coming performers, directors and writers. Entrance is anything from 30 to about 80. It’s open pretty much every night and there’s always a great vibe. For bookings or info phone:021 480 7129

Old Biscuit MillWoodstock (not just Peanut’s best friend) is mostly known for being a bit dodgy at night. Everyone is always going on about how much potential it has and if only they can clean it up, blah, blah. I think it’s rad! Love the vibe, love the dodgyness and most of all, love the Neighbourgoods market on Saturday mornings at The Old Biscuit Mill. Seriously, nothing cures a hangover like some homemade lemonade and the biggest, freshest, wholewheaty goodness sandwich ever. It’s on Albert Road in Woodstock just before (or after, depending which way you are facing) the Salt River circle. You can get anything there, including a whole bunch of uber trendy people sipping mojitos on some hay stacks.  Also, check out Decodance, which is a club at the Biscuit Mill that is very serious about their 80’s music!

KinkYou know you’re trendy when you go dancing at a sex shop! Kink is the newest addition to Park Road (just off Kloof street next to the new Fat Cactus – which, FYI, serves the best chilli poppers in the world, ever). By day it’s an upmarket adult gift shop and by night its an awesome little bar and dance venue. So, as they say in those Scandinavian erotic thrillers: “go get your boogy on at Kink!”

KirstenboschKirstenbosch Summer Concerts have become a bit of an institution in Cape Town. I have to admit, and I know I will loose several cool points for this, unless it’s ABBA, Roxette or at the very least an Annie Lennox tribute band, watching concerts doesn’t really float my boat, in fact, it sinks it like the Titanic. So, how happy am I that I can now pack a picnic basket, some stinky cheese, crackers and a blanky and pretend to enjoy some of SA’s top bands with all the cool kids.  Every Sunday afternoon, right throughout the summahtime. Phone 021 799 8899 or join the facebook group for the line-up!

Nu metroI love watching movies. No really, it’s actually like, my favourite thing. No, it is not ‘like’ my favourite thing, it IS my favourite thing. And I do it best on my own. Just me, a medium coke (no ice, which means more coke), large popcorn with extra, extra salt and vinegar salt (if they don’t have this kind of salt, I don’t go, it’s just that important to me) and a jersey (why do they insist on putting the aircon on warp speed?). Of course I could try and pretend that I’m really into arthouse movies, that I only go to Nouveau theatres and sip G&T’s in the Labia, but then I would be a big, fat, ugly liar. I love blockbusters. If they cost less that 100million buckaroonies to make, I’m not interested. I want to be blown away by Dolby digital 5.1 sound and the flattest HDDD picture ever. So, I go to the best movie theatres in Cape Town. Im not biased though, Nu Metro/Ster Kinekor, Potato/Potatch. So, Waterfront, Cavendish and Canal Walk are my favourites here and I’m not ashamed to admit it!


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