I’m not wack like that.

Parts appeared in City Views

Henry Kissinger once said:  The nice thing about being a celebrity is that if you bore people, they think it’s their fault. 

Kissinger must have thought he was mind-numbingly dreary while watching the recent Royal Wedding. I, on the other hand, was in absolute awe at how much press and media surrounded the recent nuptials of Prince William and commoner Kate Middleton. Commoner is a rather harsh word, especially as the Middleton’s are multi-millionaires. Although, so is Charlie Sheen and he’s unquestionably a commoner, so fair enough. The Royal wedding – which was only briefly overshadowed by Bin Laden’s death and Justin Bieber’s new haircut – made me realise one thing: thank God, I live in Cape Town, where the only thing that is Royale is a burger restaurant at the top of Long Street. 

The wedding hangover, has left most of us wanting more. Justin Timberlake might have brought sexy back but the Royals have now brought the monarchy back! Before the last carriage had even turned the corner, emails started circulating comparing Princess Beatrice and Eugenie with the ugly sisters from Cinderella.


This cruel, albeit completely accurate and hysterically funny comparison has reminded me just how amusing the seemingly archaic blue blooded family can be. Unfortunately we’ll have to wait for the fiery redhead, Prince Harry, to pop the question to Chelsea Davy before we can celebrate more unsightly Royals. Although, it might seem like a tenuous link, Chelsea Davy brings me to my point; you shouldn’t call someone ‘whack’. “How is that?” I hear you murmur. Well, Chelsea’s family now live in Johannesburg where a lot of people get whacked by criminals.

 The wedding’s over, Bin Laden is somewhere in the ocean and Justin Bieber’s hair is less offensive but do not fret! Here is my song of the day, make sure you listen to the end. (apologies for the appaling video that accompanies this – we really shouldn’t be encouraging this kids but it’s actually sung by Lonely Island, the guys who brought you – Im on a boat) Also apologies about the scary sound right at the end. It’s so difficult finding good videos nowadays. So just close your eyes and prepare for a slight fright.

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