Home Affairs – the least sexy affair of all.

Yesterday morning I was a happy-go-lucky twenty-something with not a care in the world. I’d applied for my new ID and Passport from Home Affairs in their temporary office in Foreshore sometime in March and in true Anne-style I waited way too long and decided yesterday afternoon, that it’s time to pick up these two booklets, for without them I do not exist, although I am on Facebok and nothing is more real than that.

So off I trot, well drive, to the Foreshore Home Affairs which has moved back to it’s offices in Barrack (no relation to The big O) street. And with a ‘yes-I-can’ mentality I find parking. At R9 an hour, who can complain? (me me me me!). Like a hunter, I’ve come prepaired, book in hand, water bottle, small packet of red Big Corn Bites  and a little pillow.I enter the recently renovated building completely oblivious to what is awaiting inside. Get my ticket at the front desk. Number 194 – doesn’t sound too bad. I enter the collection room. DEATH DOOM DESTRUCTION. A sea people awaiting their fates. I line up against a wall even though some official looking lady says I need to cue on the seats. ‘but why I have a number’ I ask. She then replies with a completely logical ‘because…’ and walks off.

Suddenly like a shock to the system I hear someone in front on me saying they have waited 4 HOURS. Surely this can’t be possible, but it was, in a huff and a puff, like one of the weak pig brothers I trot off again, home, no affairs today. Below is a picture I took of a couple as they sat down in the cue, behold their before pic and then the after pic I took as I left.  

Young couple

old couple

As I reach the comfort of my home (no affairs) I inspect my ticket a little closer and can not BELIEVE what I spot. Ladles and Gentlespo0ns behold the most ridiculous thing you will EVER see:





















For those of you who aren’t as mathematically inclined as myself 785 minutes equals 13 Hours.

I am going to end this post  now, I think I’ve said enough….

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  1. Debi Blake says:

    Love your blogs! Enlivening a slow morning in the office! Am about to read more. I looked at my driver’s licence the other day and have realised that it expires in July… am wondering how late I should leave it before attempting the expedition. Last time I was there an entire day…Lord have mercy.

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