Cracks Only – Cracks and the City @ On Broadway


Justin Timberlake might have brought sexy back, but the Cracks are bringing Cracks and the City back! A stellar collection of some of Cape Town’s funniest comedians will be gathering at On Broadway tomorrow. But that will only be for rehearsals, so don’t come then. But we will also be there from the 10th to the 27th of November, Wednesdays to Saturdays.  Starring Anne Hirsch (Yes, yes, me, me!), comedian Shimmy Isaacs, award-winning actress Anthea Thompson and award-winning (yes we have many awards. I once won a Clicks club card) writer / columnist Marianne Thamm.

After a sold out run (and by ‘run’ I am not referring to anything to do with the gym. It is a theatre term, try and focus please) at the Baxter in July 2010 during the World Cup nogal #Kenako, the Cracks are returning with loads of new material (and I’m not just talking about the t-shirt I will be wearing, which is made out of a lovely material by the way), filmed sketches (I mean who can only watch live performances these days) and some sneaky sneaky surprises (nothing ominous though, no scary Jack in the boxes or audience participation, no we don’t like that).

Tickets are flying like Mango airplanes (minus the delay and orange vehicle) so book now at 021 426 6666. Show starts at 8:30pm so grab something to chow (that’s street speak for eat) before at the On Broadway restaurant. Remember On Broadway is now in Long Street (it’s the long one) so don’t go walking down other streets late at night, but if you do, going rate is about R80 an hour, or so I hear (don’t do it though, it’s illegal).

See you there Cracks!

2 Responses to “Cracks Only – Cracks and the City @ On Broadway”

  1. JanieB says:

    What an awesome show gals.

    Great variety, not too long and lots of original stuff.

    Get your tickets it’s a good laugh to brighten up your week.

  2. Chantal says:

    Very funny show all round, but Anne, you were the most hysterical. I think what I particularly liked about your performance was that you didn’t need to stray below the belt to be so hilarious. Love your wit and quick repartee. I hope you go veeerrrrrrrry far!

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