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Season 3 of The Anne Hirsch Show Coming Soon

The Anne Hirsch Show

The Countdown Begins

We at The Anne Hirsch Show have been having the longest nap ever but it’s time to wake up and get those restraining orders ready! We’ll be back next week with our special Rocking the Daisies edition to kick off Season 3 and from there we will be offering up a delicious episode every week! So if you’ll be at Rocking the Daisies music festival this weekend come say hi, we’ll be running around trying to chat to everyone there.

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But that’s not all, our #TheAnneHirschShow is coming together and here’s a little sneak peek at what’s to come!? #ExcitementForDays

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The Anne Hirsch Radio Show with Heinz Winckler


Episode 1

The first episode of #TheAnneHirschRadioShow launched last night on East Coast Radio – DurbANNEs Number One and JacarANNEda Fm and I had a blast. Thanks for tuning in to South Africa’s number one stalk show and Kate Moss’s favourite radio show. Here is the podcast of the first episode but remember you can also soda stream the episodes every Wednesday night 9-10pm on JacarANNEda and ECR – DurbANNEs Number One’s websites.





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The Anne Hirsch Radio Show


Angelina Jolie’s Favourite Radio Show is Here!

Late night radio will be forever transformed! As moi, along with Kagiso Broadcasting bring the sexiest show to the biggest commercial radio stations. Literally making waves!

The humour-driven Anne Hirsch Radio Show which offers a blend of celebrity interviews with off-centre comedy is best described as ‘stalk show’ entertainment, and premieres live on Jacaranda FM in Gauteng and East Coast Radio in Kwazulu-Natal from 9pm to 10pm on Wednesday 25 September.

I’ve always been interested in society’s obsession with celebrities and more precisely my own. The Anne Hirsch Show is not only a vehicle to explore this, but it’s also a tour de farce of sexy stalking. Being the most accomplished stalker in South Africa means I have millions if not billions of fANNEs. The tongue-in-cheek (my tongue in their cheeks) interviews will get your ears doing the lambada! Talk is cheap; stalk is where it’s at! #AngelinaJoliesBestFriend.

Herewith my core strategy for the radio show:

You’ll also catch interviews with celebrities like Khanyi Mbau, Pat Lambie, Toya Delazy, Jimmy Nevis, Heinz Winckler and much much more! Kagiso Broadcasting’s Managing Director of radio, Nick Grubb said, “It’s incredibly funny and totally mad, in that it deliberately breaks most of the rules we radio people have lived by for years.” Haha, I win!!!

Show executive producer, Travis Bussiahn explained, “It’s just been mad fun crafting this with professionals who really care about making remarkable content as much as I do.” (I made him say that!)

Listen to Anne Hirsch on Jacaranda FM and East Coast Radio from Wednesday, 25 September 9 – 10pm.

Here is my first celebrity invite to SA’s number on Sushi King, Kenny Kunene. Call me!

Watch more sexy stalking here

Media Enquiries:

Natasha Wadvalla
084 374 3467

Creating Youtube ZA


Guys Youtube is really catching on…in fact this whole internet thing seems to be here to stay…hmh, who knew!? I was gonna wait it out a bit longer and see how it all plays out, but I’m thinking we need to commit to it and learn more about how to use it nicely and stuff. So, a bunch of amazing Youtubers (and me of course) in Cape Town got together and made this super duper rad to the max, take-that-Bill-Gates video about getting all excited about Youtube…watch it guys.


Make sure you subscribe to these awesome guys on Youtube…because STOP…collaborate and listen! #MCHammer


Bonnie Tyler is my #Bestie


So my favourite song in the whole wide world is ‘Total Eclipse of the Heart’ by Bonnie Tyler. I sometimes just spontaneously sing it when I walk down the red carpet, get interviewed about other stuff or star in a Broadway Musical (yet to be confirmed). Not only do I sound beautiful when I sing it, but I like to think I put a unique spin on it. So when I visited that hashtag hottie Martin Bester on his radio show at JacarandaFM recently I didn’t waste any time, I knew what he wanted to hear, so I started belting out sweet angel tunes in studio. Martin clearly loved it as he decided to play it to the great Bonnie Tyler when he interviewed her….WHAAAAT?! YES! This actually happened.

I think we can all agree that I win at life! Did you see how impressed she was? Bonnie if you’re reading this (of course you are) call me, I’d be more than happy to do a song or two with you on stage, if I’m free of course, very busy, so call soon…no really…CALL! #BESTIESFOREVER

I’m The Best Woman Ever


Sooooo, I don’t want to brag or anything (yeah right, hahaha), but the amazing people from Glamour Magazine called me up recently and told me that I have been hand-picked as one of their Glamour Women of the Year!! Whaaat?! I could hardly contain my excitement. Me? A Glamour Woman?! ‘Yes of course’ I hear you clamour. Anyway, I won in the category ‘Next Big Thing’ so watch out world! Here’s some pics from the event and photoshoot that I wanted to share with you. To check out the other amazing winners click here. Thanks again to my besties at Glamour!

Thank you to Cari Stephenson from Tart Clothing, for designing my dress for the event, specially for me! #BestDesignerEver
Glamour Photoshoot

The photoshoot pic for the Glamour WOTY spread - how cool?!




















The bit about me in Glamour Magazine

The bit about me in Glamour Magazine

Me onstage with the sexy Bonang Matheba. I just asked her to be on The Anne Hirsch Show - look how excited she is!

Me onstage with the sexy Bonang Matheba. I just asked her to be on The Anne Hirsch Show - look how excited she is!

The Glamour Women of the Year Winners...that's me looking awks. Haha! Please note the heels! #Girly

The Glamour Women of the Year Winners...that's me looing awks. Haha! Please note the heels! #Girly

Moi with fellow Glamour winner Pretty Yende #BestiesForever.

Moi with fellow Glamour winner Pretty Yende #BestiesForever.


My First Vlog

The Anne Hirsch Show

Hey bestie. It’s been so long. Waiting for Season 3 of The Anne Hirsch Show to start has been an absolute nightmare. I am so so bored and I miss you so much it feels like someone is walking on my heart with high heels. So, I was browsing the interweb and saw that other Youtubers do a lot of ‘Vlogs’ which stands for ‘Videotaped Logistical Over-the-top Google-enabled Shakira’ So I decided to make a Vlog of my own.

I was at Heart FM studios recently and while minding my own business in the waiting room, this random (and might I add very attractive) guy left his computer open…begging for me to play on it. So I made you this.
The Anne Hirsch Show is coming soon!
Miss you xxx

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