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Jerm Draws Anne Hirsch


I have been hounding South African cartoonist Jeremy Nell aka JERM to do a little cartoon of me for ages. And as my mother always said: “Aanhouer wen!” which is Afrikaans for ‘if you keep on asking and asking, finally someone will draw a cartoon of you’. And he did! Not only did he draw a cartoon of me on The Anne Hirsch Show, but he even made a movie about it, starring me!! Thank you, thank, you, please it’s too much, stop clapping hands and shouting my name!


And here’s the money shot!

Jerm Done Cartoon











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Me on #3Talk with Noeleen


So pretty much the best thing in the world ever happened. On Monday I got an email that Noeleen, South Africa’s number one talk show host, wanted to interview me…please hold the standing ovations. So I was flown down to Jo’burg for my moment in the sun. Here are some pics showing what went down. FYI Noeleen is now my #BFF (apart from Angelina of course).

In studio practising my (s)talk show host pose.














 Noeleen has arrived…I’m totes chill.












Me on TV – Hi Mom!

tv 1














 Noeleen insisted on me hugging her, over and over again.

tv 2














A ring is round and has no end and so is my love for you, Noeleen my friend.

tv 3













Thanks so much to the whole team at 3Talk and to Noeleen for being so fabulous.

No celebrities were hurt during the filming of 3Talk with Noeleen.

YouTube Sensation Caspar Lee on TAHS

The Anne Hirsch Show

Caspar Lee on The Anne Hirsch Show S02 E12

YouTube is taking over the world. No, literally. It’s sitting on it’s throne waving it’s wand to all it’s billions if not trillions of Subscribers! And standing right next to that throne is Caspar Lee. One of YouTube’s biggest stars. He’s from Knysna, which is nice…ne?! LAUGH! And he’s got amazing hair. Taking all these things into consideration, I decided to propose and he said yes. Caspar, if you are reading this, please contact me, I’m still waiting at the chapel, I think you must have gotten lost.
Here is the Caspar Lee TAHS Box Set. Three videos of awesome!

The Interview

Caspar and I sleep together

Behind the Scenes with Caspar Lee on TAHS

No Celebrities were hurt during the filming of The Anne Hirsch Show
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Free Comic Book Day Exclusive on TAHS

The Anne Hirsch Show

Free Comic Book Day on The Anne Hirsch Show S02 E11

‘Lizzies lovely long legs episode eleven! – Bingo!’ We can not believe how quickly Season 2 is flying by and we’re having so much fun it should be illegal! We decided to break our absolutely perfect format up a bit and we took #TheAnneHirschShow on the road all the way down the road to Claremont, Cape Town, South Africa, The World, Zorg and we interviewed some awesome comic bookers at Free Comic Book brought to you by Reader’s Den.


This was the best day ever, comic bookers are awesome and they wear really outrageous clothes, we also ran into Natalie Portman who seemed a bit confused and Robert Downey Jr was there, but I think he was drunk…

Behind The Scenes of Free Comic Book Day

No Celebrities were hurt during the filming of The Anne Hirsch Show

The Anne Hirsch Show with evil Larry Soffer

The Anne Hirsch Show

Larry Soffer on The Anne Hirsch Show S02 E10

It’s our 10th episode of Season 2 today and I’m celebrating by firing some of my crew. What went down in this episode is just plain hashtag dangerous and I blame them for putting me in harms way.

Larry Soffer on TAHS


Larry Soffer is Africa’s top Mentalist, Illusionist and Magician. He  joined us in studio, despite the fact that I am terrified of mentalism, illusionism and magician…ism. Then he uses his witchcrat to levitate me…Needless to say I’m back in therapy! Follow Larry Soffer on Twitter @LarrySoffer

No Celebrities were hurt during the filming of The Anne Hirsch Show

Behind the Scenes with Candice Boucher

The Anne Hirsch Show

Shut the front door! The Anne Hirsch Show is now bringing you a special Behind the Scenes episode, because we aim to please. Here is our first BTS (I hope this abbreviation catches on) of TAHS with model Candice Boucher. A sneaky peek at how we put together our sexy bikini photoshoot.

And now that you watched that. Here’s the full episode. To be clear, Candice is wearing heels…I am not THAT short, although for Candice, I would be…

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No celebrities were hurt during the filming of The Anne Hirsch Show

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