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The Anne Hirsch Show with Candice Boucher

The Anne Hirsch Show

Candice Boucher on The Anne Hirsch Show S02 E09

Millions if not billions of people have asked me to kickstart my modelling career and as I’m getting older I think it’s about time. So I called up my hashtag bestie Candice Boucher…and well we made magic as we stripped down for the sake of art.


Candice Boucher is the sexiest woman in the world! She’s an actress, model and is all-round pretty hashtag amazeballs. She stripped to her bikini and showed Anne the step-by-step guide to THE ULTIMATE BEACHWEAR PHOTOSHOOT. Follow Candice on Twitter @candyboucher

No Celebrities were hurt during the filming of The Anne Hirsch Show

The Anne Hirsch Show with Soli Philander

The Anne Hirsch Show

Soli Philander on The Anne Hirsch Show S02 E08

We’ve been on a bit of a high after our debut on Top Billing. If you missed the insert, please watch it —>> HERE But it’s time to get back to business…


Soli Philander has worked in the South African entertainment industry for more than three decades.. But a whole generation of South Africans grew up watching Soli portray the much-loved character of Timothy Traddle on Kideo. And here, for the first time in years, Soli sings Timothy’s theme song. #LocalIsLekker. Soli and Anne also illuminate the differences between Cape Town and Bloemfontein, play THE ULTIMATE CHARADES CHALLENGE and Anne fires more of her crew. Follow Soli Philander on Twitter @SoliPhilander.

No Celebrities were hurt during the filming of The Anne Hirsch Show

The Anne Hirsch Show with Justin Bonello

The Anne Hirsch Show

Justin Bonello on The Anne Hirsch Show S02 E07

On Thursday 18 April at 20:30 we’ll be on Top Billing on SABC3 (for our millions, if not billions of international fans, that’s a show that airs in our country and features a red carpet of incredibly attractive presenters…it’s pretty much hashtag awesome). We had the honour of being jammed inbetween the sexy Danny K and the equally sexy Janez Vermeiren…. Hashtag Best Day Ever. Needless to say our mom’s are very proud, so here’s a preview of that…


But just because we’ve been on SA’s top lifestyle show and we eat sushi of naked men’s bodies (we don’t really, sies), it doesn’t mean we’ve stopped bringing you The Anne Hirsch Show every Wednesday.

JB for Web

Justin Bonello, host of South Africa’s Ultimate Braai Master and Cooked is not a chef…he’s a crazy cooked cook with a well-done body and raw sexuality. He’s every mother’s nightmare and every girl’s dream and he was on our couch. Things got pretty heated, we hugged 38 times, but don’t worry, we censored the naughty bits.  Follow Justin on Twitter @Justin_Bonello and make sure you don’t miss the Ultimate Braai Master Season 2, check out their website here

No Celebrities were hurt during the filming of The Anne Hirsch Show

The Anne Hirsch Show with Lindiwe Suttle

The Anne Hirsch Show

Lindiwe Suttle on The Anne Hirsch Show S02 E06

RIHANNA IS COMING TO SOUTH AFRICA!!! I have to use three exclamation marks and write in capital letters when talking about this because I’m so hashtag excited! Despite the fact that she has terrible taste in men…Riri if you’re reading this please join us on The Anne Hirsch Show ow ow eh eh eh eh…



Lindiwe Suttle is one of those rare gems in South Africa. Singer, songwriter, performance artist AND a style icon. As if that’s not enough her mom is Felicia Mabuza-Suttle, who pioneered the world of talk-show hosting in SA…thus an inspiration to us at TAHS. Her mom didn’t join us but we did have a thumb war, sing Rihanna songs and Lindiwe gave me the biggest strand of hair yet…Follow her on Twitter @lindiwesuttle and check out her website here

Please read the comment at the bottom of this post…It’s from THE FELICIA MABUZA SUTTLE #BestCommentEver
No Celebrities were hurt during the filming of The Anne Hirsch Show

The Anne Hirsch Show with Danny K

The Anne Hirsch Show

Danny K on The Anne Hirsch Show S02 E05

Season 2 Episode 5 of TAHS is hashtag very special. Not only did we have the man with the shortest surname, Danny K in studio, but SA’s lifestyle programme Top Billing was also there to film us! We were super excited and if you watch the episode you’ll see I’m also wearing a new jacket (my mom said I had to cause I was gonna be on TV). The Top Billing episode featuring myself, Danny K and the gorgeous Janez Vermeiren will be aired on Thursday 18 April at 20:30pm on SABC3.

Danny Web


Danny K has been one of the sexiest pop icons in SA since forever, which speaks volumes for his boyish good looks. He’s a Jo’burg boytjie with a killer smile, Shakira hips and a Hallmark heart…not to mention, but I will mention it, he’s damn hot! We hugged, played GLEB and I sang some of his hits. We also revealed our latest YOU Magazine Cover. You can follow Danny on Twitter @DannyKmusic and check out his website at

No Celebrities were hurt during the filming of The Anne Hirsch Show

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