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The Anne Hirsch Show with Chris Chameleon

The Anne Hirsch Show

Chris Chameleon on The Anne Hirsch Show S02 E04

Welcome back sexy Anne Hirschers (I just made that up, hope it catches on) and to all those that are here for the first time, please make yourself comfortable, scroll down, go to ‘previous page’, click, refresh and take a screengrab if you want to…just chill, it will do wonders for my analytics (that’s computer jargon…not something weird). Season 2 has been a rollercoaster ride of hugs, stripey mugs and astro rugs on TAHS and we are loving every moment. We hope you are too and if you are, drop a comment below this post and let us know your thoughts…if you’re not, it’s mean to be mean…

Chris Web


Chameleon is one of SA’s most talented musicians, he’s won several SAMAs and although his music is in Afrikaans, awesome is awesome in any language. He was the lead singer of Boo (Aaaah!) and he’s also an actor and most importantly in 2007 he made the GQ Best-dressed Male Celebrity Top 10 listthat’s legit! You can follow him on Twitter @chrischameleon and check out his website here. WARNING: Nobody was seriously injured during Chris Chameleon’s hugs…

No Celebrities were hurt during the filming of The Anne Hirsch Show

The Anne Hirsch Show with George van der Spuy

The Anne Hirsch Show

George van der Spuy on The Anne Hirsch Show S02 E03

Welcome back all our millions if not billions of trending hashtags! The SABC management might have thrown in their towels but we here at TAHS (I so hope this abbreviation catches on) just had our towels laundered and we’re ready to head to the beach and use them, they’re beach towels by the way.      *Please note the following episode of TAHS has absolutely nothing to do with towels…

abf georgeTaxi Violence  has been revolutionary on the SA music scene for many years. In fact Jaco ‘Snakehead’ Venter of Fokofpolisikar said: “Taxi Violence have been the best band in the country for many years now.”  And at the core of the Taxi Violence and the equally impressive rock band, Goodnight Wembley! is George van der Spuy. But there is no bigger fan of George than myself and we had an absolute blast getting up close and personal…now not to give anything away but we TOTALLY MADE OUT!!!! Follow Taxi Violence on Twitter @Taxi_Violence_ and Goodnight Wembley @gnightwembley . Also check out the Taxi Violence website at


No Celebrities were hurt during the filming of The Anne Hirsch Show

The Anne Hirsch Show with Dorothy Black

The Anne Hirsch Show

Dorothy Black on The Anne Hirsch Show S02 E02

Season 2, Episode 2… now if only I had interviewed Desmond Tutu while watchings Two and a half men in a two-bedroomed flat, while wearing a two-toned shirt, this episode would be all about two’s…but it’s not. Instead it’s all about s*xual things thanks to our feisty guest. I have told my mom she’s not allowed to watch this episode and I suggest you do the same…

 Dot web

Dorothy Black is a s*x journalist, s*x columnist, s*x toy reviewer, agony aunt and authority on all things s*xual. She surprised me with some gifts in studio that I will never forget (unfortunately). She writes for Women24, Cosmopolitan but not for Men’s Health (that was just bad research on our part, apologies). You can follow her on Twitter @dorothyblack or check out her website, where you can ask her stuff about you s*x life here.

No celebrities were hurt during the filming of The Anne Hirsch Show.

The Anne Hirsch Show with Karen Zoid

The Anne Hirsch Show

Karen Zoid on The Anne Hirsch Show S02 E01

Welcome back to all our millions if not billions of fans to Season 2 of The Anne Hirsch Show. We can not be more excited to see you here, you look stunning by the way…have you lost weight?! Now we must prepare  you, we have a new set. What’s that you say ‘no, Anne why did you make changes to the show? I hate change!’ I hear you, but we think it’s pretty sexy and like oysters, I think you’ll get used to it and soon it will be your favourite set from ALL our seasons and you’ll want to gulp it down while sipping a glass of champagne.
 karen zoid pic website

Karen Zoid is one of the top rockers in South Africa, in fact Time Magazine has called her an icon in South African music! She’s just released her latest album Zoid Afrika and she was kind enough to also visit me at my home, which is in an incredibly Afrikaans neighbourhood. You can follow her on Twitter @KarenZoid and check out her website here. Special thanks to Annie’s Angels for our sexy Voortrekker outfits.

No celebrities were hurt during the filming of The Anne Hirsch Show.

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