The Anne Hirsch Show with Jack Parow

Jack Parow on The Anne Hirsch Show S01 E14

Remember when you were little, there were those weirdo kids at school that took a glass, pointed the one end to the sun and the other end to a leaf, to burn the leaf (or if they were gonna grow up to be serial killers, they’d point it to a snail)? They used the sun’s power to do things. Well, we at The Anne Hirsch Show took a glass and pointed one end at the sun and the other at our studios, but that didn’t work. So we got proper solar people in and KAZAAAM! We are now the only completely solar powered show IN THE WORLD…okay maybe not the WORLD, but definitely SOUTH AFRICA…(insert an evil scientist’s laugh here).

Jack Parow web

Jack Parow is the world’s only Dangerous Romantic Afrikaans Rapper. Born on the mean streets of Parow, Jack studied to be a mechanic but soon realised his next level Afrikaans beats combined with his terrible sense of fashion could earn him a living. Now he’s one of the country’s zeffest musicians and we absolutely love him. Follow him on Twitter @JackParow and check out his website here. Enjoy episode 14, it comes with lots of surprises including ‘The Ultimate Rap-Off’ between Jack and I.


No Celebrities were hurt during the filming of The Anne Hirsch Show

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