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The Anne Hirsch Show Season One Finale

The Anne Hirsch Show

Season Finale of The Anne Hirsch Show S01 E16

I am so sad this season has ended. As  I type this my keyboard is drenched in tears, tissues and some cheese I had on a cracker two weeks ago that got stuck between letters e and r. It’s been a wonderful season one of The Anne Hirsch Show and we can not thank you enough for watching and supporting us. But do not fret, this is only the end of season 1, which will mark the beginning of season 2 in January 2013 ! And we are ending on a highnote. We thought it would be great to sign off the season with South Africa’s sweetheart, Oscar award winning, babe from benoni – Charlize Theron. Unfortunately Charlize hasn’t gotten back to us or returned any of my calls. Cha-Cha, if you’re reading this, call me!

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But this is still episode 16 of The Anne Hirsch Show, sweet 16 and never been sponsored. We here in studio will be going away over the festive season to our respective friends and family. I of course will be going to Jeffrey’s Bay where my picture of me, Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt and the kids was taken. So today we are going to celebrate a wonderful season. We’ve certainly had some ups and downs on the show…mostly ups…in fact just ups, no downs. And I would now like to take you on a journey if you will, through some of our favourite moments.

Remember we will be back in January with a stellar line-up of celeb guests. So don’t forget about us, especially if you are a potential sponsor of the show….call us. Also if you happen to own a channel on Television- we love the medium of tv…it’s very successful and groundbreaking and we’d love to get involved.

We would like to give a special thanks to you, one of our millions, if not billions of viewers for watching every week. So in the word’s of Arnold Schwarzeneggar in Terminator – I’ll be back.

No Celebrities were hurt during the filming of The Anne Hirsch Show

The Anne Hirsch Show with Zolani Mahola

The Anne Hirsch Show

Zolani Mahola (Freshlyground) on The Anne Hirsch Show S01 E15

Welcome to Episode 15 – The New Best Friend Episode. We all have that hashtag bestie that we can call to take us to the airport at 5am, who’ll tell you you’ve drunk to much when you’re doing body-shots off Big Bill on the bar and who’ll make sure you never wear bobby-socks, while driving a unicycle in public again, no matter how ironic you think it is. Well I have my hashtag new best friend in Zolani Mahola! We even had a pyjama-party and and our first fight!

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Zolani Mahola formed Freshlyground alongside six other incredibly talented musicians back in 2002. Since then she’s swept South Africans off their feet with her musical stylings and charisma. Apart from being my new best friend forever, Zolani is a trained actress, style icon and one of SA’s most recognizable celebrities. Follow her on Twitter @zolanimahola and follow Freshlyground @FRESHLYGROUNDsa also check out their new album ‘Take Me to the Dance’, get more info about this and more on their website by clicking here.


No Celebrities were hurt during the filming of The Anne Hirsch Show

The Anne Hirsch Show with Jack Parow

The Anne Hirsch Show

Jack Parow on The Anne Hirsch Show S01 E14

Remember when you were little, there were those weirdo kids at school that took a glass, pointed the one end to the sun and the other end to a leaf, to burn the leaf (or if they were gonna grow up to be serial killers, they’d point it to a snail)? They used the sun’s power to do things. Well, we at The Anne Hirsch Show took a glass and pointed one end at the sun and the other at our studios, but that didn’t work. So we got proper solar people in and KAZAAAM! We are now the only completely solar powered show IN THE WORLD…okay maybe not the WORLD, but definitely SOUTH AFRICA…(insert an evil scientist’s laugh here).

Jack Parow web

Jack Parow is the world’s only Dangerous Romantic Afrikaans Rapper. Born on the mean streets of Parow, Jack studied to be a mechanic but soon realised his next level Afrikaans beats combined with his terrible sense of fashion could earn him a living. Now he’s one of the country’s zeffest musicians and we absolutely love him. Follow him on Twitter @JackParow and check out his website here. Enjoy episode 14, it comes with lots of surprises including ‘The Ultimate Rap-Off’ between Jack and I.


No Celebrities were hurt during the filming of The Anne Hirsch Show

The Anne Hirsch Show with Arno Carstens

The Anne Hirsch Show

Arno Carstens on The Anne Hirsch Show S01 E13

Unlucky for some, number 13 is definitely our lucky episode, at least I got lucky! Not that anyone can call it luck. When lust and passion collide things always have a way of working out, just look at Rihanna and Chris Brown’s incredibly healthy relationship. But unlike Rihanna, I would never perform a single with Arno, our worlds, though they collided briefly are in essence too different, plus his wife was pretty darn clear about ‘no more colliding’ in that restraining order! 

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As the lead singer of Springbok Nude Girls and subsequently as a solo artist, Arno Carstens has released 10 studio album, over 20 top ten singles, won 5 South African Music Awards and shared the stage with legends of the music world including U2, The Rolling Stones and REM and did I mention he is damn sexy! Follow Arno on Twitter @ArnoCarstens and check out his website here. Also buy his new album Atari Gala, it’s got 12 new songs and the title is Japanese, which I speak by the way!

No Celebrities were hurt during the filming of The Anne Hirsch Show

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