Past Musings

People to See and Places to Go


It’s been ages since I’ve blogged, which is the sentence most bloggers start every post with. I’m not a blogger though, because according to this – bloggers are influential and live in Sea Point. I sometimes point to the sea and I once lived in Greenpoint for a while and I miss it a lot, so I don’t know if that counts. (If you do check out that link – seriously how over the top are middleclass people?!) Anyway, seeing as it’s been so damn long since I’ve mused about anything really, I decided to write about a few things that made me really happy over the last couple of months. So here goes:

El Burro Restaurant

El Burro







Cape Town is littered with Mexican restaurants and I love them all, mostly because I really enjoy cheesy chilly poppers and wearing sombrero’s in badly lit rooms that smell of stale smoke and sweet cider. El Burro is not that kind of restaurant though, it’s proper Mexican food served by proper Mexicans (okay not really Mexicans, but the waitresses wear sexy Mexican shirts). You know that scene in When Harry Met Sally when Meg Ryan has the orgasm at the table – this is what happens to patrons at El Burro, seriously I’ve seen it and it can get a tad awkies, but it’s hot. The food is fresh and the atmosphere is palpable (I don’t really know what ‘palpable’ means, but it sounds clever, I’ll use it in another sentence: ‘I don’t like my orange juice palpable’). It’s where the old Beauna Vista was in Greenpoint Main Rd. The decor is fabulous with the balcony being my favourite. Seriously hang up a fairy light and I’m yours forever. Might I suggest trying the Ceviche and/or  Calamari starter and the Goat (yes goat, I actually thought it was illegal to eat this and it should be, cause it’s so damn tasty) and line fish taco’s. They have their very own tequila bar too, I try to stay away from tequila though, at least that’s what my close friends have advised me to do, but the rest of their boozy treats are very well priced. Also, follow them on Twitter cause they’re that cool.

Alexander Bar & Cafe’

Alexander bar







You know when you wish you had friends who owned the coolest spots in the city so you can just hang out there and feel like a cast member of Cheers (but hotter,cause ppl had weird hair in the 90’s), well that totally happened to me. Nicholas Spagnoletti (writer of London Road) and Edward van Kuik (writer of Facebook status updates) have opened my new favourite drinking hole. On the corner of Strand and Loop street.This 1950’s inspired bar has style and flair (whenever I write ‘style and flair’ I think of the theme song t0 The Nanny – ‘She had style, she had flair, she was there. That’s how she became the Nanny’). But I digress. Alexander Bar is complete with old school telephones on the tables, with which you can phone other tables, phone the bar, leave a message for the staff or even listen to BBC radio with. You can also send a telegram, which I think is a technological leap forward really, especially if you own a Blackberry. The menu is incredibly well priced, simple and delicious and the staff are literally the friendliest bunch of people I have ever met, granted I am originally from Bloemfontein, but still. Check out their website and see you there soon…where everybody knows your name. 



Just because she found love in a hopeless place (or as some of my drunk friends insist on singing: ‘She found Dove in a soapless place’).

Tina Fey’s Bossypants


If there is one comedian who’s pants I’d want to get into it would be Tina Fey’s bossypants. Her autobiographical book is such a tremendously hilarious read and it really makes me want to get my hands on her Grammy nominated narration of the audio book. I haven’t listened to an audio book since SL Magazine used to give away a free CD with every mag – not really the same, but sort of.

Back in the day