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Notes from a Comedy Wild Side – Zula Bar


J.B. Priestley once said: “The more we elaborate our means of communication, the less we communicate”. He really did say that, I Googled it. 

My comically challenged friend Jenny recently purchased a Blackberry (no relation to Halle Berry) and they aren’t too expensive either as long as you are willing to let go of all social etiquette. Jenny has now decided that communication and relationships are far better done online. In an attempt to break this already socially destructive habit I invited her to Comedy on Monday Evenings at Zula Sound Bar in Long Street, on one condition, she left her phone at home.

After many tears and a tantrum that can easily be compared with Kim Kardashian’s reaction to breaking a nail – gargantuan – we set off for the comedy club.

Comedy at Zula Bar is run by an eclectic group of jesting bandits known as The Starving Comics. This collection of comedians have been running comedy gigs for many years in Cape Town and are responsible for introducing several new and fresh faces to the comedy scene. 

On this particular Monday night, I was performing, a support act to veteran comedian Brendan Murray. The crowd was an odd mix of foreigners who looked like they had just fell out of a backpacker’s bar and locals who were clearly keen comedy supporters.

I waited patiently backstage because, as usual, the show didn’t start on time. I like this about Zula, because if the show did start on time there would be nothing to complain about, which really is half of the fun, especially for foreigners.

I closed the first half of the show and while wrestling with a heckler who was not armed with wit I noticed out of the corner of my eye (which is amazing because the eye is in fact round) that Jenny was nowhere to be seen.

I finished my set, which I was fairly happy with as nobody was seriously injured, which is always a good sign. I dashed through the loud crowd on the bustling balcony, but still no sign of Jenny.

I gave a description of her to the bartender; ‘short, blonde and tanned’ and suddenly he started mixing me a cocktail.  I tried to explain that I wasn’t ordering a drink, but it was too late. I finished the beverage at the bar and asked some of the staff if they could assist me in my search.

Suddenly the manager called me in to his office. There was Jenny sitting behind his computer, Tweeting away about the laugh-a-minute comedy at Zula Bar.

As a comedy setting, Zula Sound Bar and Restaurant is perfect. There are diverse audiences and performers and for only R40 you might even get to see Jenny still roaming the back rooms of the venue.

Comedy on Monday Evenings runs every Monday night at Zula Sound Bar and Restaurant, 196 Long Street. Gig starts 20:30 for 21:00. R40. Book @ 021 424 2442

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