Past Musings

Karen Zoid & The Cracks



So the Cracks asked Karen Zoid to be in our new music video…umm I mean KZ asked us. She is a total rockstar and all round great lady. It was awesome and we are now officially Rock ‘n Roll…well, sometimes we like a bit of Jazz but you know. So here is her new single Do What You Do off of her new album Terms and Conditions.

The Classics Revisited


Here are intro’s and clips from my favourite cartoons as a kid – a trip down memory lane if you will, and I will, I just did…

Here is an episode of Liewe Heksie – trippy!!

Haas Das se Nuuskas

The funny cartoon about the man who lives in a line world.

My Little Pony – The Movie



Ever seen a pony in real life? Maybe once or twice, but definately not enough times to get to know them. Well, they can’t be trusted – they sound mystical to me and therefore probably have evil powers. There is a new movie out about their evils –¬† watch this trailer and protect your loved ones.

Natalie Imbruglia Torn – MIMED


Natalie Imbruglia

If you’ve never seen Hollow Man do this song before – you have to watch it. Simply hilarious!

Lady Gaga & Beyonce – the real telephone music video



I love Lady and Beyonce but why on earth was Beyonce in this song/music video – it’s too much I say, too much!! This is what really happened!

Gossip Girl Bloopers – Warning: Only watch if you are a fan!


Gossip Girl

I trust that you too are a fan of Gossip Girl – if you are not – ¬†please don’t watch the video below – it will make you think less of me and could potentially ruin this growing relationship that I have tried my utmost to nuture. If you are a fan – OMG, you are like totally gonna love this – it’s all our BFF’s bloopers!!

Back in the day