Past Musings

If an Ed Hardy t-shirt could talk…


Ed Hardy

I have long since gotten over my fear of Ed Hardy t-shirts. Many moons ago (that phrase always makes me sound more mature) I started noticing the scurge. People just throwing on a Ed Hardy t-shirt with a pair of jeans and it’s confusing – where do I look? What does it mean? Are you blind?

But now I have come to accept these colourful and animated shirts and was pleasantly surprised when I found this video giving all these little characters a life – they deserve one. All jumbled together – skulls, flowers, mermaids – living in perfect harmony on your chest.

Nerds are the new cool.



I have slowly but surely started noticing that many of my friends are developing problems with their eyes and have been forced to wear huge eyeglasses. Up untill now I was very worried about this – untill I almost poked someones eye out the other day because their spectacles were without the glass bits…just the frames. I questioned her immediately: ‘Jenny, what happened? They must have fallen out. Just stand still and I will start looking” I was already on the floor searching when she assured me that she bought her glasses like that and it’s the new cool. I laugh hysterically thinking she is trying her hand (or her eyes) at comedy. But true as Bob (he is very true) she had paid a small fortune for those frames. I rush home and rummage through my closet, finally I find them; My 3D Avatar glasses – I take out the frame and put on my jeans from primary school – still too big I rush next door and ask the neighbour if I can borrow a pair of her 2month old baby’s trousers…much better. I don’t have matching socks so I decide to go without, slip on a pair of stinky sneakers that I found in the garbage but leave the laces slightly untied (like I just couldn’t be bovvvered). I open my dress up cupboard and find my mothers 70’s shoulder-padded-retro-jacket. I tuck it into the baby’s trousers – and there you go. Im cool baby. Im cool by the pool (don’t have a pool – it’s just a saying cause it rhymes with ‘cool’ so you sound slick and chill like).

Thanks M

Tyra Banks – How do we stop her?


Tyra Banks

The madness has gone on for far too long. Someone needs to speak out. Tyra Banks is completely inappropriate, insane and insulting and she’s on a rampage. Slowly but surely patronising people all over the world. I have had enough!!! Here is a collection of some of her brightest moments.

Mel Gibson – Remixed phone calls


Mel Gibson

It was all going very well, Braveheart was a huge hit, but then Kevin Costner did Waterworld and he looks like Mel Gibson – so we should have taken that as a hint. Should have known there was something suspicious about old Melba Toast (as I affectionately call him). The man is officially out of control. He recently made the Daily Ten on E (my most reliable source of news) when he went on a telephonic rascist rampage against his lady Oksana Grigorieva (if that is even her real name). One good thing that came out of all of this, is this remix – kinda catchy.

Lady Gaga’s Meat Dress


Lady Gaga Meat Dress

There has been a huge outcry about Lady Gaga’s dress at the recent MTV Music Awards. Many think she has taken snacking between meals to the next level, others say she is just trying to beef up. The reason for wearing the dress was in protest of the US Army’s ‘Don’t ask, Don’t tell” policy – great cause Gaga but how on earth did you make that link?! Here Jimmy Kimmel shows us what happened to the infamous dress… I’m off now to protest against police violence by wearing my knickers on my head!

The true meaning of Twitter! Join now.



Twitter, twatter, twotter, tweet. About to twitter that I am putting this post on my website. Enjoy!

Facebook Infomercial



Ever found yourself wondering what the status of your relationship really is? Feel like a poke? Think tag is not just a game where you run around touching people? Know only 100 people in real life but need more? Then Facebook is for you!

balklänningar Enkel chiffong klänning  online-butik i Sverige

David Blaine – Master of trickory



Here is David Blaine like you have never seen him before. The man has a gift that is for sure!!

David Brent – If you don’t know me by now.



David Brent’s new album. This video is sure to win an MTV award. Hot stuff.

Thanks M.

The Office – Bloopers


Ricky Gervais

Nothing like a good bloopers reel on a Wednesday afternoon. The (UK) Office- comic genius!!

Back in the day