Past Musings

Tom Cruise’s freak out! Oh how I missed this.



There is something about Tom Cruise that unsettles me and it’s not just all the Scientology mumbo jumbo. The man is STRANGE. I watched this clip of him freaking out on Oprah again and I feel so so sorry for Katie. He is ready to attack- Oprah seems terrified. Katie was hiding. *insert Psycho shower song*

Math Humour


e goes on a blind date with Pi (don’t know where that sign is on my keyboard), but e has a chilling secret!

Jane Austen’s Fight Club- coming soon!


Don’t miss out on this lovely period piece. And remember- nobody talks about Fight Club.

Twilight Eclipse – the way I saw it!


Kardashian Gurls.



The Kardashians – love them or hate them (how could you possibly hate them – they’re AMAZING), they are rich and famous and influencial and rich and famous and rich and famous – that’s all that counts. Now, you know it’s going very well when someone makes up a song about you….

Kitty Flanagan- One of my favourite comics.


She might be named after a little cat, but she’s funny, damn funny. That’s the thing with Australians, they got a pretty good sense of humour- or as they call it ‘yuuuumhaaa’ -, kind of like the British – not really like the Americans…but that’s another story. So if you haven’t seen her, check out these clips!!

Lurk and Lurker & Shining out now!


Post-production/World Cup blues


So, I got the blues…but not in a sexy, smoking, blue light, whiskey-drinking kind of way. We finished Cracks Only on Saturday to an amazing Full House (not just a sitcom starring the dude from America’s Funniest Home Videos) and it was a great run. We had so much fun and although there were one too many late nights at the bar it was a great experience. And what’s even more exciting is that we will do it again, bigger and better this time! But for now I have the blues….thought I would cheer myself up with some fun tuna ads—ahhh, chicken of the sea!

All Access gives thumbs up to Cracks Only


Cracks pose 2

The show is opening tonight and excitement is in the air. A couple of days ago Mnet’s All Access came to check out a rehearsal and this is what they had to say about it….’Flippin Fabulous’!    – have a peek at the insert.

If you haven’t booked yet, do so asap, it’s selling out fast and furious(not just an action movie staring a man named after something your vehicle consumes). See you at the theatre!

Back in the day