Past Musings

Tom Cruise’s freak out! Oh how I missed this.



There is something about Tom Cruise that unsettles me and it’s not just all the Scientology mumbo jumbo. The man is STRANGE. I watched this clip of him freaking out on Oprah again and I feel so so sorry for Katie. He is ready to attack- Oprah seems terrified. Katie was hiding. *insert Psycho shower song*

Math Humour


e goes on a blind date with Pi (don’t know where that sign is on my keyboard), but e has a chilling secret!

Jane Austen’s Fight Club- coming soon!


Don’t miss out on this lovely period piece. And remember- nobody talks about Fight Club.

Twilight Eclipse – the way I saw it!


Kardashian Gurls.



The Kardashians – love them or hate them (how could you possibly hate them – they’re AMAZING), they are rich and famous and influencial and rich and famous and rich and famous – that’s all that counts. Now, you know it’s going very well when someone makes up a song about you….

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